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Heat Transfer Services:

General Engineering Services:

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Heat Transfer Services

Operations Support

  • Design and optimization of cleaning-in-place systems for fouling services, such as produced water coolers
  • Development of operating strategies to improve run life and reduce cleaning costs of fouling services such as produced water coolers
  • Development of condition monitoring programs for heat transfer equipment including OTSG efficiency monitoring
  • Development and management of process trials and heat transfer experiments
  • Development of heat exchanger operating procedures and start-up plans
  • Analysis of operational data and identification of debottlenecking opportunities
  • On site operations support

Design Support

  • Oversee contractors as a representative of the Facility Operator
  • Plant heat integration design and system review
  • Heat exchanger design and simulation
  • Off-design performance checks
  • Bid and vendor package review
  • Drawing review

Simulation Development

  • Calculation of thermodynamic balances including heat loss and insulation
  • Development of rigorous heat transfer simulations of exchangers
  • Development of heat and material balance flowsheets complete with rigorous simulation of heat transfer equipment

Standards and Specifications Development

  • Development of start-up and ramp-up operational procedures to minimize fouling and transient performance issues
  • Development of operating procedures for heat transfer equipment including summer and winter operation modes
  • Heat exchanger specification development and review

General Engineering Support

Operations Engineering Support

  • Process variance identification and troubleshooting
  • Process trial development and coordination
  • Plant optimization studies
  • Facilitation of structured problem solving
  • Management of Change system development


  • HTRI training
  • HTRI integration with UniSim or HYSYS
  • SAGD heat transfer for various audiences
  • SAGD heat transfer performance monitoring
  • SAGD produced water cooler fouling formation and mitigation
  • SAGD plant operation for Design Engineers – how your plant will actually be run
  • Management of Change – past disasters and why they matter