Ben Lee is the Owner and Principal Engineer of Raven Thermal Services, a consulting company with superior, Real World expertise in heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics.

Where others see erratic data, missing variables, and imperial equations with limited application, Ben finds solid trends and correlations. His assumptions are soundly justified, with strategic testing as needed. His ability to work so expertly with uncertainties is one of three things that really sets Ben Lee apart. The other two are his rich work experience and his uncommon education.

Before Ben even started Raven Thermal, his resume already included six years as an Operations Engineer for the Cenovus Christina Lake Facility. In addition to his extensive field experience are his years at a Calgary engineering firm, and a year in Australia working first in nickel mining, then in offshore oil and gas.

Ben’s technical training includes a degree in Aerospace Engineering with specialization in aerodynamics and gas turbines. It was in university where he studied the interplay between advanced heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics –subjects usually taught in isolation. His expertise is unique in Alberta, and consequently, he found himself in a valuable niche not long after graduation. He wrote his first ground-breaking paper less than three years out of university.

Continuing his cutting-edge work, Ben was a co-inventor of a cleaning-in-place system for Cenovus Energy. Today he gives numerous presentations to industry on operational heat transfer topics.